About Us

Our fundamental commitment is to provide unparalleled customer service. You are the cornerstone of our business. You constantly inspire us to work harder and deliver on our promise to make Andrew Davis more than a place to shop.  We want it to feel like home when you walk through the door

We select from the world's finest men's fashion and clothing collections that we know will be right for you. We consider your busy schedule and try to ease the pressures of your busy life by making ourselves available when you need us.  Our goal is to develop a lasting, personal relationship with you. 

At  Andrew Davis, we refuse to shortchange on quality – we are old school that way – on products or service. We believe the experience of working with professional clothiers has value far and above the purchase price. We ask for the opportunity to prove it.

-Andrew Mallor, Proprietor

Our Services

Knowledge about your needs and requirements in any wardrobe category is why we are here. Our purpose is to lift your spirits, build your confidence, promote your self esteem and enhance your image. Building your wardrobe with a trustworthy sartorial advisor allows the experience to be gratifying, fun, and has a satisfying feeling of value over cost with the knowledge that quality is economy.

Andrew Davis Provides:

In-home, in-office and after hours appointments

Closet consulting and provide recommendations for wardrobe requirements or needs

Full bespoke, as well as made to measure suits, trousers, and shirts from many different vendors and at various price points

Gift cards and free gift wrapping for that special person

Advice and assistance for issues like cleaning, refurbishing and maintaining your high quality wardrobe and accessories.

Meet The Team

DeJohn Rose


Born and raised in Bloomington, DeJohn spent more than a decade in New York City in sales and marketing at Hugo Boss and Jack Victor before moving back to Bloomington in 2021. A proud father of two, he's a diehard Hoosiers fan who loves to cook and bike in his free time.