As an independent locally owned and operated business, it's important to us to support other like-minded local businesses. We recently met at The Elm, "A gathering place for people who crave community and culinary adventure" for a photoshoot with six other local business owners for drinks and a photoshoot while we discussed their unique stories, their businesses, and how they discovered Andrew Davis. 

This week in our series we're excited to get to know David Moore, the owner of The Elm as well as Pictura Gallery and FAR. 

Can you tell us more about you and your family? I moved to Bloomington in high school and met my sweetheart and future wife, Martha.  We were married in 1981. It was the best move of my life, and we have three grown children.

When not working what do you like doing? When not working at our various ventures, we love to travel, and my passion is photography, which I incorporate in those travels.

What do you like most about your experiences at Andrew Davis? I love how Andy and his team make each shopping experience into an event with our favorite bourbon or wine and with thoughtfully curated clothing for me. 

Who are your favorite vendors at Andrew Davis? I am a huge fan of Inis Meain sweaters from Ireland and Maurizio Baldassari sportswear from Italy.  My custom sport coats, also from Italy, have been a huge hit, and I get comments on them wherever I go. They are wearable art.

Interested in becoming an Andrew Davis man? Call us today at 812-323-7730 or make an appointment online with Richie or DeJohn to set up a personal wardrobe consultation.

June 10, 2024 — Andrew Mallor