I always love Hopsack and thought it might be an excellent time to shed some light on this versatile, great for a sport coat/suit type weave.


Hopsack is not really a type of fabric, but a type of weave. It’s a basket-like pattern with subtle variations of colors between the threads. The hopsack weave is not too tight, so it is a very breathable option

Hopsack Blazer

SOME BENEFITS OF Handrewdavismenswear AdminOPSACK…

Light and breathable: Constructed with an open weave, Hopsack made with natural fibers is light and breathable. It’s often considered great for spring and summer but works year-round.

Excellent for travel: Hopsack is ideal for travel as it is easy to fold, and is wrinkle resistant. The fabric tends to “spring back to life” when shaken out.

Versatility: You can’t go wrong with a hopsack suit, as you can also wear it as a separate, remarkable for the business casual set. I like packing a navy hopsack suit and a gray one. This allows you to mix and match and will easily work for a long business trip with a pair of dress denim and some white shirts added.

So, if it’s time to refresh a sport coat or suit and you’ve never owned Hopsack, it might be a good time to explore our collections.

Lastly, a suit or sport coat in hopsack is a timeless look, which is always a win at Andrew Davis.

July 07, 2022 — Andrew Mallor