Foodies have great taste, and great style goes hand-in-hand. Because a foodie will go to great lengths to try the best restaurants, follow a chef, and know his way around a wine list, he should look the part as well, and also become a connoisseur of fine clothing.

Our goal is to provide the best selection of luxury clothing that delights the senses, much like a great meal. We provide customer service, with quality ingredients —the perfect recipe. Come see us!

Below are some of our favorite foodies captured by local photographers Richardson Studio at the spectacular Elm Restaurant, which was just chosen as one of USA
Today’s Restaurants of the Year 2024.

David and Martha Moore
The Elm owners, David and Martha Moore. David is wearing a custom Sartorio sportcoat and Hagen shirt.

Fred and Jennifer Schultz

Fred Schultz in a Maurizio Baldassari cashmere overshirt and Stenströms shirt and Jennifer in custom women's clothing from Andrew Davis. 

Connie and Brian McKee in an Andrew Davis custom sportcoat and Stenströms shirt. 

John Hurlow

Christina and John Hurlow in a Jack Victor suit and Stenstr öms shirt. 

Todd Whitlock

Carol and Todd Whitlock in a Jack Victor suede bomber and Maurizio Baldassari shirt.

Dress up, dine out and have some fun!

February 28, 2024 — Andrew Mallor