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Fashion Blog from Andrew Davis Clothiers

Strong Suit

Stong Suit is affordable and well tailored. It matches the quality of suits at twice the price! Read more


ETON – Made in Sweden, Available in Bloomington Indiana

Exceptionally Eton: Crafting the World’s Finest Shirts     How did a little family-run shirt business in Sweden get to be the best-selling shirt company in America, possibly in the world?  I recently had the opportunity to join a group of upscale menswear stores for a visit to Eton headquarters in Ganghester, Sweden and its design studio in Stockholm.  Knowing Eton is one of the hottest brands in the luxury market, we were eager to experience firsthand the culture, commitment and quality-obsessed artisans at this amazing company.   As with all great companies, success starts at the top.  Eton CEO Hans Davidson…


Hanky Panky

Men’s Fashion is having a Love Affair with the Pocket Square. No longer merely for dabbing something up, today’s squares–with their charismatic prints, textures and colors—are an integral part of a sharp ensemble.

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