About Andrew Davis Clothiers | Men's and Women's Fashions, Bloomington, IN.

About Andrew Davis Clothiers

Indiana’s Men’s Clothing Specialists

The need to make a personal statement is woven into the human fabric. At Andrew Davis Clothiers we choose fabrics and styles that tailor to that instinct.

Clothing from “off the rack” and department stores serve a much-needed purpose, but we’ve set our sights higher than just providing you with something that will fit your body at a comfortable price. We’d rather you wear something that fits your personality at a price that will add value to your wardrobe.

What sets you apart is your sense of self. Andrew Davis Clothiers can help you shape the impression you give the world. If perception is reality, then let Andrew Davis create an individual reality for you. Come in, sit down, have a drink and chat with us. Let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll work with you to maximize how the world sees you – and how you see yourself.

Our mission is to be continually inspired to bring you the finest merchandise and shopping experience. With such outstanding value, quality, and service, we guarantee that you will not want to shop anywhere else. We offer a wide range of custom clothing, elegant and casual sportswear, accessories, and everything in between. Let us take over your wardrobe and give you the professional look you deserve.